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Applying for Grants


Volunteers will apply for grants related to your organization on a weekly bases. If your nonprofit is in need of a specific grant, contact us, and it will be applied for.

Fundraising, Events, and Sweepstakes

We will be partnering with the Interact Clubs in our region, which was created by Rotary International, where we could auction off a specific product of yours to a large audience. We also hold sweepstakes where we giveaway a prize with no purchase necessary, but the option to donate to your cause.


We have provided Uber and Lyft rides for 210 students and counting! If you need a ride to and from your community service, please email [email protected] or text 310-740-0730. The maximum amount per way is $30, and please let us know where you’re going and send us a photo of yourself at your place of service to verify.

Sweepstakes Entry


Enter the sweepstakes and help out your community

(No purchase necessary)

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